Hacking Incident

Here is what happened.

In an unfortunate turn of events, BigWhale.io experienced a security breach that resulted in the unauthorized access and theft of 7000+ BNB from its smart contract on October 3 2023, 5:01:14 UTC (roughly worth $1.5 million as of the time of attack) due to a private key breach.

Upon discovering the breach, we promptly initiated contact with Solidproof.io, our KYC auditor. Solidproof.io subsequently notified its security partner, Cyvers, a leading Web3 security firm renowned for its real-time threat detection and expertise in hack investigations, among other services. In a timely manner, Certik, our smart contract auditor, also extended their support for the ongoing investigation.

Cyvers has made significant findings concerning the movement of the compromised funds. Concurrently, we have reported the breach to our local law enforcement authorities, who are actively investigating the matter and liaising with Binance on our behalf. Links to investigation reports: Certik: https://twitter.com/CertiK/status/1709245532667789502 Solidproof.io: https://solidproof.io/blogposts/70 | https://twitter.com/SolidProof_io/status/1709164949610578328 Cyvers: https://twitter.com/Cyvers_/status/1709160659219337539 Other links: BigWhale.io Smart Contract (Smart contract is paused until further notice.) BigWhale Official Telegram Community Chat Group (@BigWhaleChat) - BigWhale Twitter BigWhale Dune Analytics

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